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Shine-On RV Fiberglass Restorer

Shine-On TM Authorized Dealer and Trained Applicators

Does the outside of your RV look dull and lifeless? Is it hurting the overall appearance of your RV? Do you wish there was a way that you could fix it and make the exterior of your RV shine again? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Aqua Wash has a solution to all of your problems. With Shine-On RV Fiberglass Restorer, you can bring your RV back to life and make it look just like new again. Aqua Wash is a authorized Shine-On dealer and has trained applicators who know exactly how to use the product to your benefit.

The Shine-On RV Fiberglass Restorer is not a wax like many people think. Rather, it is a product that is designed to repair and restore fiberglass and gelcoat. When a Shine-On authorized dealer with a staff of trained applicators applies this fiberglass restorer to the outside of an RV, it can make the exterior shine like new again. Shine-On RV Fiberglass Restorer doesn’t require buffing like wax does. Instead, it produces a shine that glows as layers of it are applied. It will make your RV look like the day it rolled off the production line when applied properly.

Before Shine-On RV Fiberglass Restorer can be used on a recreational vehicle, we can clean the fiberglass or gelcoat surface to make sure the Shine-On properly takes. Aqua Wash is a Shine-On authorized dealer and our staff knows what steps need to be taken from preparation through application to make sure that Shine-On truly makes your RV shine again.

Shine-On is so effective at restoring the look of fiberglass and gelcoat that it can also be used on the outside of boats. We can come directly to you to use Shine-On on your RV or boat and to show you just how powerful it can be. It will make your RV or boat look glossy and help it to resist the oxidation that can make it look dull and lifeless.

Would you like to find out more about Shine-On RV Fiberglass Restorer and see how it can help you? Call us at 855-478-WASH today to speak with someone at Aqua Wash about the Shine-On installation process.

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